Tucked in a quaint shophouse in a quiet corner of Boon Tat Street lies a little known sanctuary, almost forgotten in the hustle and bustle of the business district, and city life.

Vanilla Bar & Café provides solace for jaded coffee joint junkies and tireless professionals alike, with its medley of delectable Japanese fusion comfort food, premium coffee and breakfast all day. In the evenings, it serves as a cocktail bar serving a selection of signature cocktails, beers and desserts. Vanilla Bar & Café, launched on 2009 by Jo Ann Ng, is a Japanese-inspired western café that serves a selection of Japanese fusion sandwiches, rice, noodles and pasta. The café is named after the flavor, Vanilla, because as an ingredient, it enhances other flavours.  Over the years, Vanilla Bar & Café has become a regular destination for many as it provide solace in an ever so busy CBD. Vanilla Bar and Café, has since won several mentions and awards including the Epicure Magazine’s award for the “Top 10 and Star Chef Competition 2013 for the aspiring category.  At Vanilla, we strive to enhance our customers’ dining experience through the food, ambience and service that we offer, by adding a touch of sincerity and smile with every experience.